We support entrepreneurs from A to Z in the purchase of companies and ensure a successful succession.
+93'000 companies in switzerland are looking for a successor
Businesses are looking for successors!
The market needs competent successors and this is exactly where we come in as a consulting company.
Companies need a successor in Switzerland by 2028
There are too few competent successors who want to take over companies because the option is too little known for many.
Companies without a successor have to close
This is a major loss of value for the economy, which is precisely why it is so important that the succession problem is solved.
Is the success rate of a succession over 5 years
Buying a company pays off. The success rate for a start-up, on the other hand, is just 40% in the first 5 years.
Why buy instead of founding?
Are you an entrepreneur or have you already thought about setting up your own business?
The situation today is such that many new entrepreneurs decide to start their own business. Statistics show that 59% of all new businesses fail in the first 5 years alone, and then there are the many hurdles and obstacles that take a lot of time and money to overcome.
You can leave all this behind you with a successful company purchase. When you buy a company, you earn money directly and, according to a study, 94% of successors make it through the next 5 years after the handover.
What's more, good successors are urgently needed!
Take advantage of this unique opportunity and send us a non-binding application to become a company successor.
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Succession process
Don't know how to go about buying your company?
Don't worry, we will advise and guide you through the entire process and provide you with competent support even after the successful transfer.
Step 1:
Company search
We will sit down with you and discuss your wishes and criteria for your future company. With the help of our network and our tools, we will find you promising companies in a timely manner. If the company is interesting from your point of view, we will get in touch with the seller or his advisor and request all documents for you.
Our team validates the business plans so that you don't have to deal with the field hockey stick effect and other utopian ideas, and gives you an initial purchase price recommendation based on the data received. At the end of this phase, we draw up a Letter of Intent (LoI) for you, which sets out the framework conditions for the rest of the transaction.
Find target company
Communication with seller
Analyze business & financial plan
Purchase price recommendation
Drafting the letter of intent (LoI)
Step 2:
There are a number of pitfalls when buying a company. However, many of these can be avoided with careful due diligence. Many sellers find this phase unpleasant, as it involves examining the target company in order to identify and assess any risks relating to tax, legal and financial aspects. However, buyers should definitely take advantage of the opportunity of due diligence and have it carried out by experts in the relevant fields so that the risks can be kept to a minimum. The result of the due diligence usually determines the purchase decision.
Buyside Due-Diligence
Evaluation & risk assessment
Discussion of the results
Step 3:
The individual modalities of the takeover are negotiated for you in this phase. On the one hand, negotiations are held with banks and other providers for alternative forms of financing so that the financing is secured. On the other hand, the duration of the old managing director's stay is then discussed and issues relating to the seller's financing with possible earn-outs or vendor loans are negotiated. While poorly conducted negotiations can inevitably lead to delays, disagreements or, in the worst-case scenario, even a breakdown of negotiations, we set ourselves the goal of leading both parties to a suitable solution.
Negotiations with banks
Securing financing
Negotiation with seller
Step 4:
Purchase and handover
The agreed solution and the negotiated purchase price are the result of a successful company search, careful due diligence and skillful negotiations. We also create certainty for the buyer in the final phase by having M&A lawyers review the purchase agreements you have drawn up and point out any suggestions for optimization. If you require additional contracts such as shareholders' agreements or consultancy agreements, we will also be happy to assist you here.
As soon as the contracts have been approved by our legal team, we will assist you with the actual signing and closing process. Of course, we are also available to you after the successful company acquisition and offer you further services in cooperation with our partners, such as: Fiduciary, marketing, legal, digitalization and change management.
Control & optimization of the purchase contract
Creation or optimization of further contracts
Accompanying concrete procedure
Further support after company acquisition
Advantages with our solution for successors
Benefit from our advantages, which we offer specifically for successors in company acquisitions. With our expertise and specialized services, we ensure that your takeover process not only runs smoothly, but also successfully.
Our innovative tools for successors
We use the latest technologies to create significant advantages for successors.
AI Business Datenbank
Matching for successors and companies We are developing an innovative platform that matches companies with suitable successors with the help of artificial intelligence. This enables entrepreneurs to find suitable deals even faster.
Coming soon!
Business Value Calculator
Calculate company value online
Determine the value of a company free of charge and within minutes using just a few parameters. The calculated company value serves as an initial assessment and is based on a modified multiplier method.

Business Deal Calculator
Calculate scenarios for succession deals
Play through various scenarios of a deal, from the financing structure to the return on investment, and use our calculator to identify good deals at lightning speed.

Take advantage of this unique opportunity and apply as a successor
The Business Successor Team
Our team of experienced experts and consultants will be on hand to guide you through the entire process.
Heiko Mattmann
CEO & Partner
Bachelor of BA specializing in Accounting Dipl. Expert in Accounting & Controlling Licensed auditor Teaching commitment for SB Accounting
Dany Van der Meij
CMO & Partner
Managing Director Agent Agency IT & Marketing Expert Sales Expert
Fabian Imwinkelried
Advisor Operations
Managing Director Veriduna Treuhand AG MAS FH in Fiduciary + Management Consulting Swiss certified fiduciary expert Licensed audit expert
Prof. Thomas Schmitt
Advisor Company valuation
Full professor at the FHNW specializing in corporate finance Teaching engagement at FHNW, STI & Controller Academy Various board mandates in Swiss SMEs Decades of experience in corporate transactions and restructuring processes
Dr. lur. Markus Bösiger
Advisor Legal
Founding partner BEELegal Bösiger. Engel. Egloff Admitted to the Zurich Bar Teaching engagement at FHNW, Kalaidos University of Applied Sciences & Danube University Decades of experience in M&A and corporate law
Dr. Othmar Fries
Advisor Post-Aquisition
Managing Director FRIESMANAGEMENT Management consultant for 30 years
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